Take your tapes to the next level.


Show you're Pro.


SlatablePro lets you store as many headshots as you need so you can always have the right shot to add to your title cards.

Full body Slates.

Wide shots showing a little too much of your bedroom self tape studio? Now you can shoot and store portrait full-body slates to add to your tape.

Tame your title cards.

SlatablePro lets you choose where and what to have on your title cards or you can remove them entirely. You can even remove transitions between Takes.

More than one rep?

If you have a commercial, theatrical and multiple managers you can save them to your profile and easily add them to your title card by the tap of a toggle.

Make a Scene… and another.

SlatablePro allows for unlimited Scenes helping you to organize your Audition. Each Scene can have it’s own audio which means you can jump from Scene to Scene without having to re-record the other character’s lines.


  • Slatable Watermark
  • One Scene per Audition
  • Basic Title Cards


$ 14
99 One time upgrade
  • Fully Customizable Title Cards
  • Unlimited Scenes per Audition
  • Import Portrait Videos

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