Self tape studio kit

Setting up a professional level self tape studio at home is easy when you have Slatable to take care of the tech. You don’t have to spend a fortune on your kit to get amazing results. A simple setup is the best, one you can put up in seconds, so you have more time to spend on your audition! As with a lot of things you get what your pay for so weigh up the cost to how much use the product will get. And remember to always take care of your kit! Below are some suggestions from our team.

iPod Touch 32GB

Don't have an iPhone but want to use Slatable? This is a great alternative.

60" Tripod

Always check the max height of a tripod is level with your face when standing.

Phone Clip

Make sure your phone is steady and ready! Never hand-hold your device.

Travel Tripod

Shove this in your bag, and you'll always be ready for that last-minute self tape!

ENVEL 3.5mm Jack Cable Headset Adapter

Headset Adapter

Add pro audio to your set up by splitting your iPhone's output to a mic and speaker. Learn more

China Ball

These are very cost-effective and give off a lovely soft, diffused light. Fabric ones last longer.

LED Studio Bulbs

These give off a lot of light and are best paired with china balls or shades to diffuse them.

GlowMe Light

This brand is a tad expensive but we love them. You can find cheaper online.

Grey Flat Sheet

Make sure your background is wrinkle-free and not distracting. Sheets are perfect for this.

Popup Background

Pop-up or collapsable backgrounds store neatly away when not in use.

Ring Light

Ring lights are fantastic but make sure you don't overexpose your face. This one is dimmable.

LED Panels

These are a bit much for most and require a lot of set up. Great for actors who have the room.

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