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Prepare to Never Need A Reader Again.

Record the other characters’ lines and change it to a voice of your choice.
Matches the full performance, never robotic sounding. Sounds like another actor in the room.
Be fully self-sufficient with your self tapes!

Self tapes simplified.

No more fussing with multiple apps to get your self tape in on time. Slatable lets you easily record, edit and share self tape auditions all from one app.

Fast. Easy. Efficient.

Slatable was designed so you can focus on your audition and produce professional self tapes in just a few taps.

Your best tape forward.

Slatable was created in collaboration with top casting directors in film, television and theatre. Just bring the acting and Slatable will do the rest.

Industry standard.

From file names to file size we've made sure you'll always have the professional edge when you send a self tape with Slatable.

Your new Audition buddy.

Self tape audition without a reader? It happens. With Slatable you can record audio of the other characters and play them back when you record a Take.

Distraction free auditions.

Love to use the selfie camera but hate seeing yourself? Distraction free mode darkens and blurs the screen so you can still find your frame and nail the scene.


Take your tapes to the next level.
Incredible pro features that let you easily customize your self tape.

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Multiple Scene Audio

SlatablePro allows for unlimited Scenes helping you to organize your Audition. Each Scene can have its own audio which means you can jump from Scene to Scene without having to re-record the other characters' lines.

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Portrait Mode

Import portrait videos. This comes in handy for a full-body slate and for TikTok-style auditions.

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Pro Title Cards

Choose where and what to have on your title cards or remove them entirely. You can even remove transitions between Takes. Store multiple reps to your profile to easily add them to your title card.

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Media Galleries

Always have the right shot and slate to reflect the character. SlatablePro lets you store as many headshots and slates as you need so you can add them to your title card and audition tape.


Drop DropBox, We'll Transfer! Easily share your tape and contact info as a beautiful one page showcase with separated takes for easy download with Slatable’s built-in AuditionDrop share feature.

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